Our Products

These include the supply and installation of Laboratory Furniture, Workbench, Cabinets, Fume Hood, Chemical Storage Cabinets, Emergency Eyewash Products, Fumex Local Extractors, and Centrifuges.

Lab coat cabinet

Tall cabinet

Wall cabinet (SC60)

Base Cabinet (4D60)

Base Cabinet (B60)

Base Cabin (C60)

Sink Cabin (S60)

Laboratory worktop

Peg boards

Smart boards

Ducted fume hood

Ductless fume hood

Laboratory refrigerators

Extraction arms

Laboratory chairs and stools

Epoxy sinks

Polypropylene sinks

Pass box

Biological safety cabinets

Chemical flammable safety cabinet

Acid storage cabinets

Laboratory water faucets

Gas fittings

We can help you with setting up the following labs

Our Expertise

Our team of experts is experienced in designing and executing the biggest and sophisticated labs as per International Lab Standards and safe lab practices in the MENA region.
  • 01

    Forensic Science Lab

  • 02

    Pharmaceutical / Clinical / Hospital Lab

  • 03

    Engineering Lab

  • 04

    Water Testing Lab

  • 05

    School / Science / University & Research Lab

  • 06

    Petroleum / Industrial Lab

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